SiC power semiconductor devices
Manufacturing Services
SiC Schottky Diodes, Planer or trench MOSFET, 10kV PiN Diodes
the performances reached the international leading level
Basic offer advanced SiC epitaxy material up to 250um and custom specific device fabrication.

In Hailar district, Hulunbuir city, Inner Mongolia, which is at -40°C, led by the national new energy vehicle technology...

On November 30, the final results of the 4th “Third generation semiconductor outstanding youth” competition, which laste...

In recent years, the new technological revolution is reconstructing the global competitive development pattern, and inte...

Room1101-1102, Block B, National Engineering Lab Building,Digital Technology Park, Gaoxin South 7th Road, District of High-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province
Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor Ltd.
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